We're Brent and Ed
Hailing from South Africa and South Wales, we're a team of experienced, awarded creative thinkers living and working in Melbourne. Words and pictures. Ideas and experiences. Crafts and creations. Gins and tonics.
Having a few years under our belts means you can trust us to get the job done well, whatever the job may be.
We’ve done roughly a million pitches and late nights between us, and know exactly what it takes to win. And because we’ve both run creative departments and nurtured creative teams, we don’t need babysitting — hand over the brief, point us to the coffee machine and we’re off.
We’re flexible and limber, so if you need a huge project handled from beginning to end, a few days of quick idea generation, a senior team to clear the backlog, or just a couple of old pros to mop-up the overflow, get.BrentEd.today
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